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We are coming to a place in history where we need confidence like never before. The crucial step to take is to put our confidence in God.

Coming To God


In this teaching, Evangelist Barbara Lynch gives us the insight on what is and is not true intimacy with God. True intimacy starts when we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. To fulfill our role in God’s kingdom, we need to be filled with God through His Spirit. Listen and learn the difference between […]

Faith To Raise The Dead


Evangelist Barbara Lynch teaches us from first hand experience what it is like to be used by God to raise the dead. She draws from real life experience to expose what can block this faith to raise the dead. Oftentimes, when pray and things don’t happen it is not Satan’s fault. Satan cannot stop the […]

Your Destiny Is Closer Than You Think


God has given each of us gifts so that He will be glorified. Oftentimes we can become frustrated with our giftings because we don’t understand how to use them in the present day. This teaching by Evangelist Barbara Lynch sheds light on this matter by exposing myths about our gifts and destiny in Christ. Listen […]

Enter In


The enemy has played his tricks on the Body of Christ for long enough. Learn once and for all how to walk in the Spirit, by enter in through the narrow gate! Evangelist Pastor Barbara Lynch teaches us that once we walk in the Spirit, we are then ready for the baptism of fire. It’s […]

Angels Watching Over Us


Learn how to untie God’s hands so that His angels can move into the situations and circumstances of your life so that you can go forth unchained and into your destiny. Evangelist Barbara Lynch shows us through God’s Word how to do this.