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Rev. Christopher Gore gives the Sunday evening teaching entitled “Hope”.

Angels and Chariots


Rev. Christopher goes into detail about what is available to those who are in right standing with God. Watch, listen, and learn deep spiritual truths such as how God is placing us in situations so that we will pray a certain “right” prayer that will cause all of Heaven to move.



Passover marks the celebration of what God did to bring His people out of bondage and it begins Saturday March 27, 2021 and ends on Sunday April 4, 2021. Passover refers to the time when the death angel passed over the Nation of Egypt and slew all the first born of everything that lived in […]

Joel Chapter 2


In this teaching Rev. Christopher Gore uses prophetic words through Evangelist Barbara Lynch and the Bible to explain what is coming upon the earth and how to get on God’s good side by recognizing His character as it has been revealed in the Bible. We truly are living in Joel Chapter 2. Let this teaching […]

Trials by God’s Fire


God’s fire is precious. In this teaching, Rev. Christopher Gore uses the Word of God to point out how this Divine fire is what protects us from falling into the enemy’s traps as we get deeper in God.

Four Lessons Learned from Socialism


Rev. Christopher Gore covers the depths of destruction that socialism brings into society including the disintegration of initiative and the proliferation of irresponsibility. Socialism extinguishes hope. Does this sound like something you want for your children? Neither does God.