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Fresh Word – November 29, 2020 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Promised Land Children this is the time and the season when all warfare will be unleashed against the nations. Nations will run to and fro, not knowing where to go.  They will not understand the end time prophecies in My Word and they will wander here and wander […]

Fresh Word – November 29, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

FOREVER IN MY ARMS! I want you to always remember that phrase – no matter where you roam, I have you wrapped in My arms of Love and I have reenforced the angelic protection around about you. Children you simply do not know what kind of Father you have. I love protecting My Own. I take great delight in watching you go forward in total FAITH knowing and believing that I will sustain you at every juncture in the road you travel…

Overflow Words – November 29, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning Worship Service Promised Land Word #1 Don’t get upset because you don’t understand what’s going on. We don’t know because we’ve never gone this way before, but God is trying to teach us but we’re so scatterbrained- I’m just telling you what I’m hearing; that you aren’t comprehending […]

It’s Time For Civil Disobedience: America Needs To Say “Hell No!” by Ryan James

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Too many Americans are sitting back and allowing their individual rights to be trampled on by power-hungry government officials. Across the country, governors have used COVID-related fear to enhance their power while relegating state legislatures to mere observers.

This needs to end and it needs to end NOW!

Originally, we were all told to quarantine for 15 days to “slow the spread.” That was in March. Well, here we are at Thanksgiving and the lockdowns have begun anew in many Democrat-run states.

It is time for Americans to say “no more” and defy these unconstitutional orders. The Constitution isn’t suspended when there is a public health emergency.

Prophetic Word: Do You Believe the Lord Will Make a Way? by Katie Barker

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

I heard the Lord say, “Watch Me make a way where there appears to be no way. Will you put your trust in Me? Now is the time to rise up in faith for the battle is Mine. There is a mighty battle taking place over the unfolding destiny of the U.S.A, but My people will see that the battle is Mine, for I am coming to overturn injustices and to bring justice.”

Exposure of the Enemy’s Plans

“I am coming to expose the darkness and to uproot what is evil. What the enemy meant for harm I will turn for good. As the enemy’s plans and schemes are exposed, that will be the very catalyst that propels My plans and purposes. Just as in the time of Esther, where Haman was hung on his own gallows, the plans of the enemy will be exposed and will be the very thing that causes the demise of the enemy’s plans and a rise of My plans and purposes.”

Happy Thanksgiving

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

November 26, 2020 From my heart to yours – may you and your loved ones have the most Blessed Happy Thanksgiving Day ever. May you be thankful for all you have and even those things you have not yet received. There are many things we can be thankful for and we need to concentrate on […]

Fresh Word – November 25, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Many will regret their actions in the few short weeks ahead. They came against My anointed Cyrus and they caused him much heartache and tears. They will repay saith the Lord. They will be punished for touching My anointed servant. My church is just as guilty as the pagans. They mocked ridiculed and put My anointed servant to shame. They shall also reap what they have sown. America, I have been calling and I have been calling, but not many have responded at this given time. I have been calling you unto repentance, but you are still living your wayward lives. Shame upon shame is being heaped upon this beautiful land called America and I say unto you, I will restore America back to her rightful place through Cyrus, but where will you be when all the dust settles? My Son President Donald J Trump…

Whose Report Will You Believe by Christy Johnson

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

I have been so encouraged by the story of Jehoshaphat in the past couple of weeks, and I feel it is such a powerful story to stand on for those of us contending for the United States right now. What many perceive as nothing more than a political war, in reality, is a spiritual war for the soul of this nation.

I believe we are facing the demonic principality of Jezebel herself. She has set up alters upon the nation of America, and we must tear them down. Upon her alters are the sacrifice of the unborn, love of self, lawlessness, disunity, fear and the masking of God’s prophets.

In recent months, we have witnessed how the spirit of lawlessness has increased, how censorship has become a god unto itself by censoring the voices of many prophets and those shining a light on darkness. We have witnessed the unrepentant celebration of murdering the child in the womb and the increase of disunity – even amongst the Church on social media. Fear has overtaken the hearts of many, and as a result, leaders are running like Elijah into caves for fear of what the masses might say, in the event they speak truth and call down the fire of the Lord upon this demonic principality.

Prophetic Word: Nothing Will Remain Hidden by Unknown Author

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

During the very early morning hours of Friday, somewhere between the third watch (12 a.m. to 3 a.m.) and the fourth watch (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.), the Lord showed me a massive chessboard, or something similar, in the heavenly realm.

What the Lord showed me I cannot say or repeat completely; however, just know the Lord has come to bring the sword, not make peace. I repeat, this is an hour where the sword of the Lord is decapitating principalities by way of full and complete exposure. Nothing will remain hidden in this hour. No matter how good a person believes he or she has been or is—the Lord measures a person’s righteousness on scales of justice that no man can understand. The many layers being exposed across the globe are part of His preordained plan.

Fresh Word – November 24, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Daughter only time will tell who is right and who is wrong. My Believers must stand their post at all cost. What I have spoken shall surely come to pass. There is so much doubt and unbelief creeping into the camp. This is exactly what the enemy is looking for. He knows if he can stall long enough, the so-called believers will crumble and give into his tactics.

America when are you going to learn? When are you going to stop compromising My Word? I do not lie, but the enemy is the father of all lies. But you still give into the wiles of the evil one and allow the darkness more power each and every day. What did My Son say?