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January 6, 2023

A Dragon, Calamity, and A Promise (Part 4 of 4)
We have been discussing a dream in which Holy Spirit revealed 3 rooms, representing 3 scenarios in our nation. Two of them represented devastation and destruction, one represented revival and restoration. We were told that we can and must close the doors to the first 2 rooms, and open the door to the third. If you haven’t seen or heard the previous 3 posts, I urge you to do so. I believe you will find them instructive and enlightening. They also lay a foundation for today’s post. As I did yesterday, I will include the entire dream at the end of this post for your personal reference.
We come now to one of the primary reasons I decided to address this dream on the posts. After showing us the 3 rooms, the angel gave us instructions on how to close and open the doors to each one. Three times he told us, “You cannot close or open the door/s with your hands.” This is obviously an important instruction. When the Lord repeats something, He is clearly emphasizing it.
Hands represent our natural strength, gifts, efforts, methods, ideas, programs, etc. Holy Spirit is reminding us that human strength and ability will not be able to close the doors to the evil in our land. This is because the root of and power behind evil is spiritual, not physical. We are wrestling with principalities and powers of darkness (Ephesians 6:12), even though their efforts manifest through people. Zechariah said when speaking of removing spiritual mountains, “Not by might or power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6).
However, remembering this truth is more challenging than most believers realize. When dealing with issues that are seen, heard, and experienced physically, it isn’t easy to remember that they are often caused by invisible forces. Certainly, however, when dealing with the destiny of nations and people groups, demonic forces are involved. Resistance to reaching the lost, including the blinding of peoples’ spiritual eyes to the gospel, always involves spiritual forces (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). Likewise, when attempting to stop the “dragon” (satan) and his forces from destroying America, we cannot close the door to his activities through natural power and human methods. We must do so with spiritual power and weapons. This leads us to the next point.
In the dream, we were told by the angel that the doors could only be opened and closed by the decrees of the apostolic Ekklesia. This is profoundly important. First, let’s make sure we understand what the angel meant by “apostolic,” then we will look at “decrees.”
Satan has worked hard to confuse and divide the body of Christ regarding the 5 giftings/functions of Christ mentioned in Ephesians 4:11 (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher). He has done so because these 5 giftings represent the 5 aspects of Christ’s nature He gave the Church, with which we are to reveal and represent Him. No wonder satan works so hard at this! To simplify these giftings, think of them as Christ’s governing, seeing and hearing, reproducing, nurturing and teaching gifts. (Some refer to these gifts/functions as “anointings” because the name “Christ” means “anointed one.” The “Anointed One” broke Himself down into 5 anointings and gave them to the Church.)
Much confusion has been created – no doubt with satan’s orchestration – by the Church taking what God intended as functions and making them titles and/or positions. This would be similar to taking the roles of mothers or fathers and making them titles. Being a father or mother isn’t a position or title; it’s something one does, a function. These functions of Christ are the same. What the angel meant by “apostolic” decrees wasn’t that they had to be made by an individual with the title of “apostle,” but that the decrees must be issued with Christ’s apostolic and governing authority.
The apostolic gifting and anointing is more associated with the governmental anointing of Christ, which all believers can operate in. Just as a believer doesn’t have to be a prophet to prophesy or hear the voice of God, an evangelist to evangelize and lead someone to Christ, a teacher to teach and share truth, or a pastor to nurture and care for people, one does not have to be an apostle to operate in the apostolic, governmental authority of Christ. She or he must simply understand and embrace our governmental authority in Him, delegated to us as His Ekklesia. EVERY believer can operate in ALL the anointings of Christ to a certain degree, including His apostolic anointing.
In the dream, the angel said the apostolic Ekklesia must release “decrees” to open and close the doors. Why decrees? Why not prayers? The answer is actually quite simple: speaking is the primary way spiritual power and authority are released. With His words, Christ created all that exists (see John 1). He spoke to a storm, not because storms can hear, but to release His authority (Matthew 8:23-27). He spoke to a fig tree and cursed it, not because fig trees can hear, but because His authority to release power was exercised by speaking, by words (Matthew 21:18-22). Christ spoke to nature, demons, dead people, and human body parts. And before He became human, He spoke into the heavens and to the earth at creation. His authority released His power, and this was accomplished with His words. And we release Christ’s delegated authority the same way.
Back in the late 90’s Holy Spirit spoke a clear word to me: “[The Church] will fully shift the nation when the praying church fully shifts from priestly intercession only, to kingly intercession as well.” I immediately knew what He was saying. Priests minister prayers and worship upward – petitioning, appealing, worshipping, representing the needs of people to God. Kings, on the other hand, release authority downward from their seat of power, doing so through commands and decrees.
Christ does both. He is our High Priest, representing us to God, and He is our King, representing God’s authority to earth. As His body, He needs us to represent Him by doing both: offering up priestly requests and releasing kingly decrees.
The revelation that the Church is Christ’s Ekklesia has fueled this understanding. Many believers now realize they are seated with Christ (Ephesians 2:6) and that in His name, they CAN and MUST speak for Him. We are His voice on Earth. This authority, delegated to us, is released from our mouths. And quite frankly, some assignments can be accomplished no other way. The angel said, “these doors can only be closed and opened by the decrees of the apostolic Ekklesia.” At this moment in time, God needs us to rise up in boldness and declare His will and words into our nation. He did not say to ask Him; in this situation, He told us to declare His will! “Use your mouth, not your hands,” we were told.
This is the meaning of Isaiah 22:22: “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.”
Jesus has this key of government – it is on His shoulder (Isaiah 9:6-7). In Matthew 16:18-19, He said He would give us the keys. We have them now, and WE MUST USE THEM.
In the dream, I, picturing the apostolic Ekklesia, fulfilled Isaiah 22:22, declaring forcefully and boldly: “MY CODE IS 22-22, AND WITH IT, I COMMAND THESE DOORS TO CLOSE.” And the doors slammed shut.
When I did so, the door opened fully, the wind of Holy Spirit sucked us inside the room, and awakening began.
Again, in the dream, I picture the praying Church. We, the apostolic Ekklesia, MUST release His voice. To assist us in doing so, I have written several apostolic decrees, and will write more. We will release them together over the coming weeks. And in next week’s posts, I will be teaching more in depth on the power of biblical, Spirit-led, apostolic decrees.
Release these decrees with me:
  • We decree that satan’s ability to devour and destroy America will no longer be successful. We speak to his door of access and command it to close! We declare our faith in the mercy and blood of Jesus – that God has heard the repentance offered up by millions of believers on behalf of America’s sins and is healing our land. We decree that people in government and business will no longer feed our nation to the dragon through sins, compromise, and unholy alliances. We decree that their evil will be exposed, their funds will dry up, and their influence will end. We close the door to their control.
  • We decree that the evil pictured by Nero – violence, lust for power, tyranny, murder, persecution of the church, insane laws and edicts – will no longer rule America. We close the door to the spiritual powers causing this destruction. We close the door to the destruction of our children, our families, our homes, our cities and our nation.
  • We speak to the door of promise – the door of the awakening and transformation of nations – and command you to open. We call forth revival, refreshing, remodeling and reformation into America and the world. We prophesy to the wind of God: blow on the dry bones of America and the world. Reconnect our scattered bones, breathe life into us, and make us a great army. Salvation, healing, purpose, and destiny are in this wind – we decree its release NOW!