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We are not saying these are true or false.  We are putting them out for your discernment and intercession.


Lighthouse Inc., Church

“Read Now: 38 Prophecies for 2023 and Beyond”
Chris Reed, Fort Mill, SC

Intro from Chris Reed: The following is the result of three months of praying, fasting, and asking God to show me what is coming in 2023 and beyond. It includes trances, encounters, and things I have seen. The Lord has called us to take the prophetic to a higher level. We know in part and prophesy in part. Perhaps God will give other people other pieces to help make sense of the whole, but here is my piece:

1. I saw an exposure of Chinese money and bribery. The beginnings of this will include a major exposure which will begin the downfall of the Biden administration.

2. The Hunter Biden laptop case, which was suppressed before the 2020 election, is about to be opened. This issue will become a centerfold in the news and will tremendously hurt his father’s credibility and past claims. Last year, the Lord showed me this would hurt his father to the point where he will lose power and be out of office before the 2024 election.

3. President Joe Biden’s health will continue to fail. I do not wish him harm. I pray for him. I pray for God to remove him, but I also pray for him and his salvation, and that he would become a Saul of Tarsus figure. He will lose power, and it will be convenient for the Democrats to not have him leading the 2024 ticket. He will attempt to redeem his failed presidency by making a woman president for the first time. I have seen Kamala Harris at the helm, but only for a short time—weeks or months.

4. Unfortunately, we will see a continued rise in inflation and a nosedive in residential and commercial real estate values. There will be a significant housing mortgage crisis, but not as bad as 2008. Precious metals and land will become better, safer investments.

5. There is coming a naval conflict in the South China Sea, which will cause the world markets to plummet. China will be involved and might claim it was an accident. The U.S. will be affected by this and will be in the middle of this growing China-Taiwan conflict.

6. Gas prices are down temporarily but will go back up.

7. Crime will get worse. Rioting will hit the streets again, and people who are unhappy and fed up with their government not protecting its citizens will engage in serious protests.

8. Revealing the drastic divide between the Left Coast and Middle America, we will see bizarre weather extremes which will be blamed on climate change. We will see extreme fires in the Western U.S. and extreme flooding in the Eastern U.S.

9. I saw a significant-sized building being damaged by extreme wind or a weather phenomenon which caused its crumbling and collapsing. This will be a major news story. This could happen in the Northeastern U.S.

10. In the middle of rising gas prices, I saw a costly oil spill in the Southeastern U.S. I saw oil-saturated beaches in Florida. This will be a difficult challenge for Ron DeSantis to navigate. This will be a third test for him, and he will have a literal mess on his hands. Please pray for him in this situation.

11. I had a unique vision, twice confirmed, of an airplane that mysteriously disappeared in the skies like the Indonesian flight a few years ago. This plane will carry sensitive intelligence information. Its mysterious disappearance will make the news, then it will reappear or be found.

12. As part of the major flooding in the Eastern U.S., I saw a dam burst which caused even more severe flooding. This will be a natural sign of another dam about to break in government corruption and lies, which also can no longer be contained.

13. I saw, in a vision, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis battling it out for the Republican presidential nomination. A nasty battle will unfold in the primaries. Trump will accuse DeSantis of not being loyal to him and will express betrayal because DeSantis refused to bow out—just so he could have another run at Trump. Just when it looks like DeSantis is creeping ahead of Trump, dirt will be dug up and cold evidence will be used against him. I saw this in a news headline. Despite this, Ron DeSantis will become a leader in Washington D.C. and a future president of the United States.

14. I also saw a woman of color, which I predicted last year. I do not know her ethnicity, but a woman of color will carry a word and will carry Trump to the top of the ticket, and help restore his credibility which was lost with voters over the last two years. This woman of color will come alongside him and bring to light the corruption in social media and the American election system. She will help vindicate his claims of election fraud.

15. Chinese influence and bribery will be exposed, and it will be shocking how much China’s tentacles have reached so many nations around the world. This will include American politics and helping to swing the 2020 election. This will come to light, will be undeniable and will again be tied to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which will be fully exposed and tie Joe Biden to everything.

Three times, I saw boxes being opened and the words “smoking gun,” which will prove, beyond a doubt, Chinese money and involvement in Biden’s campaign and secrets being exposed—even through the courts and House of Representatives. This will shock the world. Remember: boxes, Biden, and billionaires. Even suppression, manipulation, and intimidation in our courts will be exposed, revealing they knew more than what they were willing to say.

16. I saw a worsening immigration problem across our southern border. The illegal immigrant situation will culminate in an epic border crisis/showdown. There will come a tipping point for the U.S. Something—or “some ones”—will cross the U.S. southern border; and when what they are doing is brought to light, it will be so terrible and horrendous, it will force both political parties to get aggressive in protecting our borders.

17. As predicted last year, I saw food shortages in 2023. This will be a year of revolution around the world. Third world countries, Mexico, and South America will be hit hardest by food chain and food supply shortages. I saw African nations experiencing severe food shortages and migrants coming to America, not only from Central and South America, but also from Africa and Europe.

18. I saw that the January 6 hearings, which are now wrapping up, will be seen as a clandestine operation from foreign money peddling and influence—particularly Chinese and Russian money. Even the courts will be challenged again for their manipulation and for blaming everything on Trump. They did this because their nations suffered from Trump’s policies.

19. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not be the leading Democratic Party ticket in the next election cycle. I saw a man winning the Democratic nomination, but it was not Joe Biden.

20. I saw a revolution of unrest, upheaval, and violence happening in Sweden. Sudden acts of terrorism will take place involving guns against citizens, and it will be led by a demon of anarchy. Lawlessness and anger will cause certain individuals to harm and destroy lives. People will become angry over the massive illegal immigration in Europe. Racism will also be a motivating factor in this violence in Sweden. Terrorists are taking advantage of this worldwide immigration crisis.

21. I saw a new sense of patriotism in European nations—France, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, and Italy—where people will redevelop national pride and a love for their country. Some nations will begin their own “Brexit” processes from the European Union.

22. I saw a housing and homelessness crisis increasing in Europe which will lead to instability, uncertainty, and fear in the hearts of many European nations. People will respond to this with national priorities and protests over immigration policies in Europe. The massive illegal immigration coming into Europe from the south will become unsustainable, and European nations will demand their national borders be observed, and patriotism will become a priority. This will set the stage for destabilization of the European Union, inflation, immigration, food shortages, and an economic downturn. This will cause unrest across Europe.

23. I saw one European nation—I believe Germany—caught in a financial scandal involving Chinese bribery and cheating through banks involving Hong Kong, which will be another example of China’s tentacles.

24. I saw the beginnings of a new French Revolution. Last year, I shared about Emmanuel Macron—not that he is the antichrist, but that he will have a choice to make. A significant health crisis will weaken him and his power for a time, then he will reemerge with a heroic façade for overcoming the health crisis. Paris will become a hotbed of unrest and riots. The French people will become weary of unsustainable, illegal immigration.

25. Resistance will also be shown to Italy’s newly-elected prime minister, Giorgia Meloni. She ran a campaign theme of God, family, and country. A major drug bust scandal involving drug cartels and money laundering through Italian banks will be revealed. Somehow, the Vatican will be drawn into this through a low-level cleric in the Catholic Church. It will make international headlines, but it will also become a picture of an international drug ring that was caught through Italy’s banking system.

26. I saw a sudden airstrike from Israel against Iran, and the target will be a nuclear development facility in Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership will strengthen Israel’s resolve to defend themselves from the growing threat of the Iranian government.

27. I saw a bizarre cosmic event in the heavens. The Bible says there will be signs in the heavens above. It could be a solar flare or comet breaking through the earth’s atmosphere. It won’t bring major destruction, but it will affect technology worldwide, cause power outages, and make international headlines.

28. The Russian-Ukraine situation will lead to Vladimir Putin using something like a dirty bomb—not a nuclear bomb.

29. The food shortages in 2023 will happen for several reasons: harvest issues, strange weather patterns and phenomena, and bizarre sickness in cattle and animals. This will also lead to more mass illegal immigration.

30. King Charles III will have his coronation in May 2023. Every British coronation for the last 1,000 years has included the “Stone of Scone” or “Stone of Destiny” set under the monarch’s chair during coronation. This stone is believed to be one of the stones upon which Jacob laid his head when he had his dream. There will a bizarre mystery or uncertainty surrounding this stone at the time of Charles’ coronation.

31. Prince Andrew, King Charles’ brother, will fall into a deep depression because of this, and legal troubles will arise because his mother is no longer there to protect him. A mental health crisis will make him suicidal. Pray for him. I saw him in a plea of desperation.

32. Regarding King Charles, I also saw a hot mic recording incident where the king made a tremendously embarrassing statement that will be used by other nations as propaganda. I saw on a headline the phrase, “Loose lips sink ships.” Royals will experience much humility, embarrassment, and contrition over this and will be apologetic as King Charles wrestles with his own humanity.

33. I have also seen in a vision, more than once (and I do not wish this on anyone), that Prince Harry and Meghan will not stay together. When Meghan Markle pulls away from Prince Harry, he will see he was “played a fool” and will be repentant and contrite towards his family and heritage.

34. We will continue to see more and more famous people suddenly die, and there will be a reason for this. It will be something in their bodies. A major, well-known Hollywood star will unexpectedly die, and this will result in further investigations into the COVID vaccines.

35. China will continue down the road of internal revolution, which I first prophesied on October 1, 2022. It will lead to the end of Xi Jinping’s rule. Then I saw—perhaps in five to ten years—that China will devolve into region states or sections, and democracy and a whole new way of life will come to China. When Xi Jinping’s power comes to an end, know that judgment has come to the Chinese Communist Party, and its power hold on China will finally be broken.

36. The same judgment is coming on Vladimir Putin, though he has taken a stand against the LGBTQ agenda. In recent years, Putin lost his godly influencers, and a vacuum has been created in his life. In 2023, or shortly after, we will see the end of Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia. Fear and paranoia will overcome him, and his worst fears will be realized. Those in his inner circle will even turn against him.

37. Two new energy sources are emerging. A new development and energy source will emerge that will not be stopped by big energy.

38. Senator Ted Cruz will be faced with a critical decision and a health issue which will influence the direction of his life. Please pray against this health crisis.