Last Minute Grace
(4 Days until 10 Days Begins!)

Dear Friends,

The first year we did 10 Days in Boston, something funny happened.  In February, God confirmed we were to move forward.  Our planning team met several times in March and April, and yet we didn’t sense a go-ahead from Holy Spirit to start organizing.  When we met up again after the July 4th Holiday, I was a little worried—do we have enough time?  Why hasn’t God let us get started yet?

As we began to pray, I asked the Lord “why wouldn’t you let us start earlier?”   Immediately, I heard in my spirit, “Because I wanted to give you grace to do it quickly.”  True to His word, two months was plenty of time to mobilize over 50 churches to unite in prayer, set-up a website, and do all that needed to be done.  God gave us 11th hour grace to bring together the city-wide church in prayer!

With the benefit of hindsight, I think God wanted us to do it that way so that we would know that 10 Days can happen very quickly—that His grace is sufficient for suddenlies!  Since then, I’ve seen larger events than we did in Boston come together with less lead time.  Even this year, a last minute decision to bring together a virtual 24/7 10 Days event has been organized in just a couple of weeks.  When God is in something, and His people agree and step-out in faith, things can come together quickly!

We are now just four days from the start of 10 Days on Sunday evening.  It’s not too late to sign-up for the Challenge, or even register a City-wide 10 Days gathering.  He’s the God of Last Minute Grace—let’s respond to His voice and seek Him together!

It’s not too late to get involved with 10 Days! Check out the latest encouragement from Jonathan Friz on how to get involved still.

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Trumpets to Tabernacles

This year, we are once again seeing partnership around the fall festivals, from Trumpets to Tabernacles among many global prayer prayer and missions movements.  Amazing groups like The Return, IHOP KC, GACX, International Prayer Connect, the Global Voice of Prayer, Awaken the Dawn, the Hope Movement, and others are working together to invite the Church into these global festivals!

Check out for more information on these global collaborations!