I acknowledge Your greatness, oh God!

What a statement! When God asked me years ago to acknowledge His greatness, I did just that. But it’s been a process of coming to the understanding of His greatness.

We can know about God and all His great miracles that we read about in the Bible, but there is a revelation that comes when you experience His greatness in your own life.

Most take it for granted as fate or a coincidence when something turns around for good in their life. I find none of that in my life. I’ve experience too many times when I know only God could have made it happen. His greatness is all around us. After all, He did create the whole universe. He is God Almighty, having absolute power over all. His name says who He is.

When you start to notice God working in your life, His greatness will be shown. You will acknowledge His greatness more and more. From what people would see as some small thing to the mountain moving things happening in their life, God’s greatness is shown.

When you acknowledge God’s greatness, you bring honor to Him for who He is and what He can do. Don’t underestimate the power of God that He will display in your life. God displays His greatness every moment of the day for His children. You just need to look around and you will see it. If you go back into your memory bank, you were realized just how much God has shown His greatness in your life.

Stop thinking small! Think Big! God spoke that to me, “Think Big.” We have to look past our possibilities to the possibilities of God. We live in our tiny world when God is saying, stretch your tent posts and expand your view of life. All things are possible with God.

Today, acknowledge God’s greatness. Tell Him, “I acknowledge your greatness, oh God!” Expand your tent post and think big. Start a new journey with God and by doing these two things you will begin to see your impossibilities become possible through God.

God loves you and has given you all measures to succeed in this life through His Son, Lord Jesus. If you have not accepted His gift of salvation by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, now is the time. Jesus is your entranceway to the Father of love.

May the blessings of God overtake you and bring you into the presence of God’s great love for you.

Teresa R.Michieli
Outpouring Ministries