By Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Children it is time to climb higher into the perfect realm of total obedience to My voice. I am speaking, but not many are hearing. I am watching and I see things that should not be going on. You claim to love your brother and sister; but you are trying to undermine their authority. This should never be. You will not prosper when you try to take another’s position/authority. I have a special place for you and that is the only place you should be concentrating on. Why are you coming in the back door? What is your true motive? I will not bless when you are stealing another’s glory.

Stop and think about what you are doing. If you keep on this road of stealing another’s place of authority, I will spew you out of My mouth.  Why have you become an antichrist?

II Samuel tells us of how Absalom deliberately stole his Fathers position, but in the end David reigned and Absalom was killed.