September 6, 2021 (Updated 2: 25 Pm)

Dear Family and Friends of the Lighthouse Inc., Church,

As many of you know, a significant number of the staff, including Pastor Barbara have been sick for an extended period of time since the closing out of the Miracle Services on August 18, 2021, with varying respiratory ailments.  Some of these ailments are non-covid-19 related. 

As of the time of this email, we now have three (3) confirmed cases of Covid-19 from members of the Lighthouse Inc., Church.  In order to keep rumors from flying, we are sharing this information with you 1) so that you can pray in agreement with us that all who are infirmed will be healed; 2) to keep you informed of any safety risks to you; and 3) to eliminate any false information being spread which would cause undo fear and heartache on anyone.

We believe that God is able to heal and restore all of those who are infirmed at this given time and we need for everyone to NOT pray things over the people who are infirmed which would open the doorway for demons to bring them further down.

The parishioners who are involved had limited contact with others who attended the services and those who had direct contact with these individuals have been advised of the situation and have been encouraged to get tested.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started, we have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in the rest rooms and in the foyer of the Church.  We have implemented increased cleaning and sanitization of the sanctuary and rest room facilities.  All of these areas are cleaned and disinfected before every service so as to reduce everyone’s risk of exposure.

We are monitoring this situation and ask for your prayer support as we journey through this time period. Should you have questions please feel free to email me directly at

In Christ,

Christopher Gore, Asst. Pastor

The Lighthouse Inc., Church