Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Love Letter from God the Father

You are My chosen generation. I have chosen you to do a very specific works for Me in this hour.

You are the redeemed of the Lord and I say hold onto that truth and go forth unhindered by chains of the enemy.

You are desperately loved by your Father in Heaven and your Father looks down with pride, and I say to the adversary: Look at My beloved ones, they are Mine from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.

Children you can never be loved more than you are loved at this very moment. You have not been kicked out of Heaven, just the opposite, I have invited you to come and dine. I have the Heavenly table spread before you in the Presence of your enemies.

When I created Adam and Eve I created two perfect individuals. I love you as I loved Adam and Eve and I always hold you before My face.

There are days, I long to have sweet fellowship with you, but you are so busy with the cares of this world, that you forget I desire to speak to you and give you divine revelation.

There are also days that I wait patiently and longingly to hear your words of love and adoration, but again, the circumstances of the day rob Me of the worship I so desire.

Does this take My love away? In no way is there anything that can cause Me to stop loving you. You are My perfect creation and I lead guide and direct you with My Holy Spirit and I whisper {you can do this} into your ears when you feel overwhelmed with the burdens of life.

Children I am a loving Father and I call you this night to love Me, love yourself and love others with the Agape Love of Heaven.

This world is spinning out of control and they know nothing but hopelessness. I am sending you forth to share the love that brought you up out of the miry clay and sat you on the solid rock.

You have learned that {without} love, you are nothing, and you have learned that in and through My Love for you, you can do all things.

Children, because you have learned that {without} love, there is no future in Heavenly places, you can now go to the lost and dying, and the anointing of love will pour out of you and bring the lost and dying into the Heavenly Kingdom. {In other words you will not want to see anyone go to hell, no matter what they did}.

I am sending you to the prodigals, and you will allow love to draw them back into their rightful place in My Kingdom. this love will convince them that all is not lost and all, and I mean all {is well} with their souls.

This love walk will be as My Son Jesus walked when he walked the streets of the world. It was the love He brought into the world that won the hearts of the people and the Cross brought the ultimate Agape Love of My Son to finish the works.

Jesus’ love is the same love you are carrying into the gross darkness, the hate, and the discord that is so prevalent in the world. But, Children, there is absolutely nothing that will win the cold dark hearts of the peoples like {My Agape Love}.

When you whisper My name, My Love will flow out of you and break down the barriers that the enemy has erected in the peoples hearts.

I love you! What else can I say; other than {I love you}! I love you as you are, and I love you for what you are becoming.

My Love is real. There is nothing fake about My Love for you. You are so unique and so special in My eyes.

Do you hear the thunder and the lighting going forth as I speak of My Love for you?

Children breathe in that love right now.

Breathe it deep into every fiber of your being.

Let this love saturate every fiber of your being.

Never for one instance, allow the enemy to tell you that you are not loved.

The enemy is jealous of My Love for My children, and he works overtime trying to convince them that they are not loved.

What a foolish assumption on his part, for My children, know they are loved. It does not matter if they are in the furnace or walking by the still waters; they know that I love them.

So they endure the tests and trials because they know their Father is showing the enemy how much His children love Him.

Another thing I need to talk to you about is My Glory.

It is My love that is going to bring this Glory that will bring great signs, wonders, and miracles.

The greatest harvest of souls the church has ever seen, is what we have been working for, and it is being birthed through the love of My people that are now ready to carry My Glory to a lost and dying generation.