Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening teaching Manifestation of God’s Roar

My children, I have highlighted you this night as My true warriors. As you lay before Me, I am taking you into a higher depth in My Kingdom. I’m going to start taking each one of you into My Glory Realm and allow you to see what I truly am doing upon this earth.

From this night forth, there will never be a question of what I am doing through you and upon this land. Yes, the warfare is mighty but Children, you’ve overcome that. You’ve stepped into My realm, and now, we’re going from Glory to Glory to Glory. You will never ever need to fret over small stuff. For you and I, we’re headed for the biggest adventure of your life. The preparing of the Second Coming of My Son Jesus takes a lot of preparation because it is a very special occasion.

You can feel honored and feel blessed that I have set each one of you apart this night to do a great and a mighty work in My Kingdom. I know the enemy is still fighting in different areas of your lives but I also have that covered with the Blood of My Son Jesus. As you seek My face, I will bring you into full revelation knowledge of what’s going on in each one of your lives, your children’s life, your whole family, even the church.

The atmosphere in the church is going to change drastically. For My Glory is all that is going to be able to prevail in this sanctuary. You are stepping into the signs, wonders, and miracles that will cause the people of the world to want My Son Jesus.

You will laugh, you will really laugh- it will be not be fake but it will be real laughter, real joy, and real peace; for you will finally understand that the enemy is defeated on all sides and he has no power nor authority in your lives.

The shofar has been sounded. The victory shout has gone forth. The Lion of Judah has roared and everything is set in place. Get ready. You won’t get much sleep, for I will be continually speaking to you; showing you of things that are either happening or are going to happen in the world. You need to know what is going to be going on in the world so you know how to walk and how to talk little ones. Quit always wanting a picture of what’s going to be happening with you. It’s all about the harvest now. I’ve already dealt with you now it’s all about the harvest. Rejoice. Always rejoice and never once give into intimidation nor fear ever again.

The Covid was sent to destroy My children. It was sent to make you walk in fear, and when you walked in fear, you missed some of My blessings. But I am able to still use you in the capacity that you are in, and I’m not going to cast you aside because you gave into that fear. But if I was you, I would pray desperately for the purpose of the vaccine not to affect My Body, because, Children, it is there for a purpose and it will affect your Body from this day forth unless you ask Me to cover it with the Blood of My Son Jesus.

I was always with you from Day One and I have never left you nor forsook you, and I am still with you today and I will remain with you always. Learn from this fear and intimidation, and don’t allow the enemy to take you down that path ever again. I love each of you. I made each of you unique and different. Please walk in your uniqueness and do not try to be something or someone that you are not. You will destroy your anointing if you continue down that path.