Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Be Ye Filled

Word #1

Come deeper. Deeper still. I am the Way Maker. I’ve made a way for you this morning to come into My deep living wells of living water. Come deeper still. I am the Alpha the Omega the Beginning and the End in your lives. Fear not. Fear no evil, for My Spirit will bring you higher in Me. My Spirit will cause all things to fade away. Just come deep into My Presence. Follow Me and do My bidding.  

Word #2

My Children, do you not understand that I surely am God and that I am calling you into the very core of My Being this day? I’m calling you to a place of security that I have not called you into before. I am doing this because you are ready to go forth and destroy the enemy’s camp on all sides. You have paid the ultimate price. You have gone through shame and degradation constantly. You’ve cried many times in the quietness of your room, but you stood up and shook yourself and went on. You don’t like being alone but that’s where I have you. Shake off all despair and just know that you’re My child and that I am leading, guiding, and directing your footsteps. Do you not know that My Son was very lonely at times? Even the disciples argued with Him, and He had to come away to the mountain to be with Me His Father and to get strength to go on for another day, Children, quit reacting to the world. Act like My Son Jesus did. Allow My Holy Spirit to lead you as it led My Son. Then, you go forth, undaunted, unconquered; and destroy the darkness around about you.

God showed me that some of you in here today, you’ve caused some friction in your homes and you need to go and apologize. Some of you, really at this point are unteachable and if you aren’t careful, you’ll never make Heaven your home. You still think you can walk in your flesh and still come into Heavenly places and Children, that is not true. You have to submit yourself totally and completely to Me and become My love vessels of Honor.

Word #3

God wants each one of you to know that He loves you desperately and completely. Some of you still have hate and bitterness embedded in your heart and that will block the Holy Spirit from coming in His fullness. God so desires that you get rid of everything; all the darkness that is not of Him and receive that river of living waters, that well spring of life: His Holy Spirit in all of it’s fullness. Please. God doesn’t have much time to keep lingering around and trying to get you to believe that He’s real. He has a work that needs to be accomplished. He has to move on to the lost and dying souls on the streets. “Choose you this day whom you will serve”, I heard God say. And then, do that thing.