Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning teaching Insurgency

Word #1

If you don’t understand, we are in a really bad warfare right now; and if you’re really walking in the spirit, you feel it over you. You feel the darkness in the atmosphere, and every time I feel it, I think about Daniel when he was praying and Michael had to fight the dark angels in Heaven to get his answer to Daniel. You need to understand if your prayers are not answered immediately : the answer has already been sent but it’s being held up. There’s a battle going on over your prayer please remember that. I’m hearing God say He’s an instant God, and He instantly answers your prayers but the enemy does not want you to get the answer.

If you don’t get the answer what happens? You get discouraged. Disillusioned. You know, you start losing your hope and all kind of junk goes on; and that’s why the enemy is holding up answers to your prayers.

Word #2

You have to be able to hear the truth no matter how bad the truth is, and you have to be able to stand when the enemy is coming against you, and he comes against you in many different ways; your friends, your family, just coming against you period; but you have to learn to stand. I’m hearing God say that is a function you can do or I wouldn’t ask you to do it. And you have to be sincere when you are standing. You can’t be double minded, and you can’t be partaker of the world and God both. You have to give up the world or you have to give up God.

Word #3

God is telling me to tell you that we are in a battle. War has been waged against us and the enemy is playing for keeps. Where are you gonna end up at when all the dust settles is what He wants to know. He’s saying He’s not a foreign God and He’s not a God afar off. He’s right there beside you. He’s leading, guiding, and directing you.

Word #4

Now along with this warfare is coming the Greater Works. All of you who have your ministries, you’re in a war but because of the war, now the Greater Works, the signs, wonders, and miracles are going to be occurring. Are you ready? I’m even hearing God say are you ready for the Rapture? Then, what He’s saying is are you ready to be raptured up into His Heavenly Throne Room- to be taught and to receive all that He has for you? You’re in a time war He is saying, and He wants you to learn to come to Him at any given second because He’s going to be calling us into the Heavenly Realm and He’s going to be teaching us from there. You have to be ready to drop everything and just go.

Are you going to have that covenant with God? “God I’m at your disposal, you can rapture me away any time you want to.” And God said this is where He’s at with you guys, He’s fine tuning you. Are you really ready to give up everything to work for Him? If you are, the altar’s open and He’s going to touch you with a special anointing that’s going to set you apart to be one of those who said “You can do whatever you want to me Lord, anytime you want.” What’s the Bible say? Be instant in season and out of season. And I’m hearing God say some of you will lose your jobs because of this. This is a total complete surrender to the Father.

Word #5

God is saying some of you are so lost in your minds. You don’t know really which way to go, which way to turn. He says I am here. I am with you always. I am listening for your still small voices. Speak to Me not to the air. Speak to Me not to your friends. Speak to Me for I have all your answers for you. Right now, this moment, I’m asking you to empty out. Let’s resolve this thing once and for all. Empty out. Allow Me to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords of your life.

No more procrastination. Total surrender; and watch and see what the Lord God Almighty will do for you.

Word #6

God said He’s raining down upon you people right now. He’s raining the former and the latter rain right now. Just let it rain on you right now.