Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening worship service New Window

Word #1

The storms are brewing but I’m giving you a big umbrella tonight and the storms are not going to rain on you.

Word #2

God wants you to think right now about what He has promised you and I just see really big raindrops coming down and God is saying these are the blessings that He has promised you and He is raining them upon you right now.

Word #3

Tonight, I want each of you, My beloved children to activate your faith like never before. I want you to lean on My bosom and I want you to trust Me like never before. You are in a war, yes, but the battlefield is Mine. I will destroy the enemies around about you. I will set you free. I will conquer on all sides because I love each one of you.

There’s no reason for you to ever think that I don’t love you or that I can’t use you. Children, come forward this night in complete confidence that I am that I am is with you and that I have called you to do a special work for Me. Allow Me to anoint you to go forth in perfect confidence that I will be with you and whatever you place your hand to do I the Lord thy God I will accomplish. You are My beloved children, we have spent a lot of time together; sometimes up and sometimes down, but now it’s nothing but blessing time. Be blessed going in and going out and just let us rejoice and bring in the harvest.