Trust and obey. That has been My mandate all the way through this election and this day I say, stand your ground and do not be swayed by what you hear.  Be still and know that I am God and I do not lie. Many false ones are coming forth at this given time speaking through the throes of darkness and proclaiming falsehoods like never before.  Little ones do not dismiss what I have spoken and do not give the enemy anymore ground with your doubt and unbelief.

Yes, things look dark and gloomy, but since when do we look at the circumstances?  Have I not spoken, and will it not be?  Children trust Me with all that you are and have in Me.  Take no thought for tomorrow, for I have all the tomorrows already mapped out in your lives and in this country.

Since when does darkness have more power than light?  Let your light {faith} shine for the entire world to see.  Do not back down, go forward unabated by the circumstances around about.

Always remember I am in the storm!