Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening worship service Golden Mitre

Word #1

I hear this: the years that you spent are not wasted. When you thought you weren’t doing any good, they weren’t wasted. God was working behind the scenes with many many people in your life; people that you never talked to.

See, you don’t know, I’m trying to tell you, you don’t know. Stay strong, and if you have to cry, cry. I’m quite sure when Jesus went to the mountain, He went up there and beat on the rocks sometimes He was so exasperated. I’m quite sure He did. You know, He was human; and you read the Word, He got upset didn’t He?

So, just quit trying to be God- and you’re a strong pillar even when you’re “in your emotions”, and God will always send somebody your way to encourage you and lift you up. You’re never alone. You’re never alone.

Word #2

I just heard God say if you are willing and obedient, you too will eat the good of the land. In other words if you are willing to sanctify yourself and become holy, then you will eat the good of the land; in other words, God can send you forth to do the great and mighty works for Him.

You have to understand tonight that this is very serious, this is a step that we have to go into and accomplish if are going to be the servants of the Most High God to go forth with great signs, wonders, and miracles.

Word #3

Tonight, God is doing a perfect work in an imperfect people. He just said that, so I thought I’d tell you that. So you know, you think “I’m all sanctified and I’m all this, that, and the other, and I’m ready”. Well, God just said He’s doing a perfect work in an imperfect people.

Word #4

I’m just hearing God say there’s too many self righteous people sitting in the House of God… judging…. thinking they’re alright and they’re not. I’m just hearing God say it’s better to be too hard on yourself than not hard enough. I’m hearing Him say you never can overcompensate checking yourself out. “Am I doing right God? Am I hearing your voice today? Am I following your orders? Am I obeying each and every word you’re telling me to do?”

Word #5

The altar’s open tonight, but God wants you to sit still for a minute. You run to the altar too many times and don’t really apply what He’s doing to you. This is very important tonight. He really wants to anoint your mind so it will start becoming holy and the enemy will have no place in it. So when he comes, all you need to say is “No, no. My mind was sanctified Sunday night December the 13th at 8:25 and Satan, you have no place in my mind. My mind belongs to Christ and Christ only.”

Now if you really want to become that serious with God, then the altar is open and you will receive exactly what you’re asking for. And God’s telling me to tell you that as you come up here, purity is being released from the Heavenly realm and that purity will touch your mind and start purifying it even this very night and in the days ahead, you’re going to find out that you’re mind’s going to become more and more pure.

Word #6

Sometimes there’s a blockage in your mind. There’s a blockage in your mind and God told me to lay hands on them and that released the blockage so that God can work in you in your mind, your will, and your emotions.

One thing God’s saying is some of you in here now, you went under condemnation and God said that wasn’t Him that put you under condemnation that was the enemy trying to make you believe you’ll never move forward, you’ll never get beyond this point. You can either believe the lie of the enemy or you can believe the truth of God’s Word where God said He would touch you and rearrange.

Word #7

A Holy God stands before you this night. A just God. A God that knows you from inside out. A God that only wants the very best for you. I am pleading your case tonight and I am bringing you out of the throes of the evil one and I am placing you on high ground in Heavenly places. I so desire tonight that you walk upright in all of your ways from this moment forth; that you receive the Mind of Christ, and as you receive the Mind of Christ you will have a holy mind.

I weep over you many many times because of the hardness of hearts, but I’m asking you this night: soften your heart. Receive all that I have for you and walk in resurrection power from this night forth.