Prophecies that occur during the Sunday morning teaching The Vastness of My Glory

Word #1
There’s much conflict all over the land and people are running to and fro and they really don’t know what they’re running to and fro to. There is so much that needs to be accomplished and we can’t be some of those that are running to and fro. We need to be those that are standing on the solid rock and hearing God’s voice and doing what God is telling us to do. I am also hearing God say ‘Intercessors are still needed; we cannot stop interceding, we need to be holding everything up before the Father and thanking Him and praising Him that His total and complete will is being accomplished in this hour.

Word #2
If the enemy is tormenting you with ‘Oh, I just can’t do it.’ Make him leave. Make him leave. The only reason why he is tormenting you is because you are going to tear his kingdom down. If you weren’t going to do damage to his kingdom, he wouldn’t come into your bedroom or wherever he comes in, and talk that nonsense to you. He just wouldn’t. But he’s trying to keep you from I’m hearing God say “get over the hump” And to get into the Promised land that He’s called you . And as long as you allow him to keep you on the other side the hump, you’re never going to have freedom.