Prophecies given during the Sunday morning worship service Comeback

Word #1

Some of you sit in the house of God and you do everything besides listen to God or let God change you. You are determining in your heart right now that you want no part of Heaven, and you’re showing God in everything that you do that you want no part of Him- He’s walking away from you. You don’t want Him, He’s not going to stand and try to convince you that you need Him. He’s walking away from you. So if I was you, I’d really think really hard this morning of what I truly want for my life.

Because once you get totally into darkness, you’re gonna find out you don’t want it. But it’s going to be too late to come back- totally too late to come back.

God is saying: And you who have been playing games- He’s done with your game playing. You’re either gonna repent and quit it or you’re just going to be lost. You have sat in the house of God long enough now, and you’re a hindrance to those that come through the doors.

Some who say: How dare you say that!. Well, I dare say that because God said it and it’s the truth. You should be saving a multitude of souls even right now, and it’s not happening. And it’s because you will not yield your heart totally and completely to God.

Word #2

Those of you who are sitting in His house this day who have been playing games with God- this is the last game you’re ever going to play. You either quit or quit Him. He’s finished with games. He has souls that need to be brought into the house. He needs His anointing to be able to flow freely in the houses of worship. He’s clearing out the house. Only you know where you’re going to end up at.

Repentance. True, true everlasting repentance is what the Father is calling for this day.