Prophecy through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching Witchcraft in the Church

It’s time for My peoples to burn all the bridges behind them and march forward into their destiny in Me. The cesspools of this world are getting deeper and many of My Children are being drowned in them. I made a way of escape for them, but they are using that bridge and running back into the cesspool. I never intended for you to stay in the muck and mire of life. I intended for you to dwell in Heavenly places with Me. If you are content to sit in feces and urine there is nothing that I can do to stop that but will you listen at My heart beckoning to you once again?

What do I have to do to convince you that I am for you and not against you? I have moved Heaven and earth to give you the desires of your heart. You cannot stand in that place and expect for Me to bless you. You must move, you must strive forward in Me. I have been there. I cannot promise you that I will continue to be there. You must see that the battle for your soul and the souls of those that I have called is intensifying. I am not trying to change your mind. I am working to change your heart so that it will forever beat after Me. I desire that you love Me as much as I love you. I will not make you love Me. I will love you for all of eternity, but will you be with Me in Heaven or will you make your home in Hell?

You have to burn those bridges now. The deception that is coming is getting stronger and stronger and the enemy is deceiving the very elect right now. He has pulled out all the stops and he is devouring many at this given time because they will not keep their eyes focused on Me. They will not believe Me and trust Me with their very souls. My soul weeps over them but I will not make them serve Me. You have to be committed to Me with every part of your being.