Prophetic words given during the Sunday morning teaching Holy Ground

Word #1
I am hearing God say that we are about ready to get bombarded by more of hell that we’ve ever experienced before. God is trying to get us built up so that we can endure these afflictions that the enemy is going to throw at us.

Word #2
I am placing you on the battlefield. I’m going to use you in this dispensation of time to destroy the very works of the enemy. This day I am strengthening you. This day I am increasing the power and authority that’s already in you. If you have no power and authority, then you need to cry out for power and authority. But I am increasing what is there. Children, I have opened a door, step through the door. This is a door that I have opened to a new era of time. This is a door that I am not going to close, for we have passed over the Jordan, and we have come into a new place in My Kingdom. You need all power and all authority to wage this war that’s going on around about you. I have you fully equipped with all the battle gear that you need to fight this storm that rages around about.

The world is on fire, yes, I am burning up all the old chaff. I am trying to bring My people back into My open arms. How long does the destruction last? As long as it takes. America will bow her knees to Me once again, and you are part of America. I will not tolerate anymore sin in My houses of worship. I am a triune God. I am just and I am holy, and I expect the same out of My servants.

I have placed a calling on your life. What are you doing with that calling? It’s up to you to nurture that calling and to bring it forth. It’s up to you to seek My face for understanding and wisdom. It’s up to you to walk in the newness that I have placed before you. I am with you, but you must work out your own salvation.