This week we are going to go a little deeper in prayer. A prayer that will bring up some very deep and hidden things with inside your heart that could be destroying your marriage, your relationships, and your walk with God.

Let’s talk about the destruction of inner vows.

During our childhood just about everyone experienced or witnessed trauma, pain, hurt, or injustice that causes us to not desire to do the same thing to someone else. An inner vow may start with “I will never” or “I will always”. These are usually made from an emotional state that is made to yourself and not to another person or God. It is a judgment that is passed.

The tricky thing about an inner vow is it goes forgotten about and buried down. It may take years before it pops its ugly head out due to a situation that takes place that triggers the vow. It has an effect on how your respond, react, and even see things all throughout your life.

You may very well find yourself doing the very thing you vow not to do and you are not sure how to stop it.

Here are a few examples:

  1. You have vowed to never abuse your children. You may not be abusive to your children the way your parents had abused you, but you could be finding that you abuse them in another way, bound by another vicious cycle. Not only does this continue a generational curse of abuse, but it also keeps judgment on the abusers and more inner vows are made until someone forgives, breaks the vows, and receives freedom.
  2. You have vowed that you do not want your marriage to be like so and so’s. You make decisions to try to navigate your marriage away from these things that you find yourself walking right into it. This is because the gate has been opened by judgment against the person you see as having done an injustice and you made an inner vow that become chains.
  3. You vow to always let your children know that you love them. You may find yourself telling them in ways that you believe that they should know but in reality they needed it in another way or they take what you consider as love and fault you for your actions as unwanted attention or action.
  4. A father tells his son, after the son gets hurt and cries, to dry it up and take it like a man. This could cause the son to grow up with a lack of compassion for others. You witness this in the church where some men are unable to have compassion on those who may have gotten themselves in a position of need or trouble. On the other hand, they are quick to help someone who may be a victim of someone else’s actions and are suffering where they are and hurt because of someone else and not themselves. An inner vow can make your perception become faulty.
  5. A mother may have persuaded one of her children to talk to her and when the child finally does, the mother ends up using it against the child and may never seem to forget it or a child may do the same to the parent. The consequences of this is the child will stop speaking to their spouse once they get married because when they speak out, it is used against them. An inner vow can bring on trust and insecurity issues.
  6. You have been previously married or in a very bad relationship and made inner vows and judgments against that person you were connected with. You will find that things your spouse does that may be similar or close to what they had done and you being to respond or react like it is the other person doing it again to you. You may not be aware of this so that is why it is good to seek God’s face so He can show you anywhere you missed.

An inner vow or judgment can be very tricky. The enemy can make you think that you are making a good conscious decision at the time, but if you are holding onto judgment against the abuser or the wrong doer, you are opening the door and the very thing you did not want to happen can and will.

Take a look at your marriage for real and ask God to bring to your remembrance inner vows you have made that need to be broken and the bondage removed. Ask God to help you remove any judgments that you have had on your parents, spouse, kids, or anyone in authority that may have hurt you in some way that you have made an ungodly inner vow that has put up walls and caused you to not be able to receive the fullness of God.

Take an honest look at how your respond, react, or approach different things that goes on in your daily life and with your husband. Have you made an inner vow that needs to be broken?

Let God show you the truth and in the truth you will find freedom. Come out of agreement with the vow and allow God to really heal you in that area. Let God break down any walls that have been built, and bring healing to you.

I, myself, am learning this. Be ready and prepared for God to go down really deep and bring up inner vows that you may have thought was harmless, really has more effect than you can imagine.

Set sometime this week to the side and just get before God and write down the inner vows God brings to your attention. Invite the Holy Spirit to show you how to remove these vows and to make the necessary changes to bring healing to yourself and to your marriage and watch God really bring a restoration. Close the door to the enemy and release the abusers in your life into God’s hands and trust Him to take care of it the right way. Share this experience with your spouse and you may be surprised, if your spouse is walking with God, how much they have already picked up on.

Have a blessed week in the Lord. God bless you.