Prophetic words given during the Sunday evening worship service Holy Spirit

Word #1

As the rain drops start falling it’s going to turn into a torrent of rain- My holy rain that will take you to the nations. You received the fullness of My Holy Spirit this night, embrace it to your bosom. Do not disgrace My Holy Spirit. Do not abuse My Holy Spirit, but embrace My Holy Spirit in all of it’s fullness and watch as the rain begins to fall upon you.

Some of you will feel the rain, some of you will hear the rain, but the rain is coming. It’s already been sent from the Heavenly Throne Room. Rejoice in Me this night as you leave. Take My peace and My comfort with you. Never once look back, walk forward little ones as good soldiers of The Cross and bring in that harvest of souls.

Word #2

You are on one of the biggest thresholds of the Harvest that the church has ever seen, and you are the ones that He is going to be using. He doesn’t want you to ever think that He is not going to use you because each one of you has a place and a part in this Kingdom.

So I want you just to keep that to your bosom tonight to as you leave and rejoice in The Father, knowing that it doesn’t matter what you see yourself as, He sees you as a good soldier, a strong soldier; one that He can send other souls into, and that you’ll lift them up and bring them into His Glory.