Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching The Hour Of Resurrection Power

I am going to resurrect what has been dead and buried.  You are about ready to receive the surprises of your lives. All and I mean all that I have promised is on its way.  You have been patient and you have been warring for quite some time now and now is the time for you to receive your just reward for all your faithfulness.

Many have just about given up hope and many were just about to quit the race – but I intervened in time for all to come to fruition.

Children there is so much that has been in the making for quite some time now and I must fulfill all of My promises to you at this given time.

I have been maintaining a steady flow of My anointing into you and I have been pouring out My holy oil to give you the power and authority you will need to accomplish all the works I have before you at this given time.

I know I speak about resurrection power over and over again and you have become weary in waiting for this to occur; but now is the appointed time and you shall see the fulfillment of My promises in your lives.

Children I have not forsaken you, you are too precious to Me for Me to overlook you in any area of your lives.

Will you please trust My Word and will you please know that I stand with you, no matter what I call you forth to accomplish.

Your life is all booked out before you and I have not torn out one page since the book of life was written. You are destined to accomplish all that I have called you forth to accomplish in this dispensation of time.

I know there are so many twisted versions of My Word out there and I know that there are many false prophets out there saying things I never said.

But {you} know the truth and you will always know the truth and I tell you before hand what is about to transpire in your lives.

Never think you go to battle half dressed.  I will make sure you have all you need before I send you out among the wolves.

I am {gifting you in various ways} at this given time so you can battle the hordes of hell at every turn.  You are surely in a safe place with Me and you shall be continually covered with My pinions.

Psalm 91:4 (AMP)
4 [Then] He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings shall you trust and find refuge; his truth and his faithfulness are a shield and a buckler.

There will be no crack the enemy can crawl through as long as you stay in {My perfect will.}  as i was with Moses I will be with My children at this given time.

Joshua 1:5 (ETRV)
5 Just as I was with Moses, I will be with you. No one will be able to stop you all your life. I will not abandon you. I will never leave you.

As I was with Abraham, I will also be with you.

Genesis 12:1-3 (ETRV)
1 The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country and your people. Leave your father’s family and go to the country that I will show you.
2 I will build a great nation from you. I will bless you and make your name famous. People will use your name to bless other people.
3 I will bless those who bless you, and i will curse♦ those who curse you. i will use you to bless all the people on earth.”

You are surely in a {secure place} with Me, and do not allow the enemy to tell you otherwise.

Turn your eyes upon Me and keep them there.  Do not look to the right nor to the left.  Keep your thoughts pure and clean and never ever allow the enemy to place negative thoughts into your mind.

I am the author and finisher of every fiber of your being – the enemy had no say so in the making of your being.

And because of this I say to you. be secure in Me and know that I am with you until the end of the days.  Know that I am the one that weeps over you and know that I am the one that understands each and every thought.

I have sent My Holy Angelic Army to watch over you and assist you every time you call.  There is a place for you in this heavenly realm that I am bringing back to the earth.  Heaven will meet earth and all will know that I am God of the universe.

Children, do not trust in man.  Keep your focus upon Me and never ever mistrust a word I speak to you either personally or through My true prophets.

Paul and Silas sat in prison together; but they did not think they were forsaken.  They knew Me and they knew I was with them and they sang praises to a King that never forsook them.

Acts 16:24-25 (ETRV)
24 When the jailer heard this special order, he put Paul and Silas far inside the jail and bound their feet between large blocks of wood.
25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing songs to God. The other prisoners were listening to them.

Children, there are so many souls waiting on you.  They need you to come full circle around and they need you to know the power and authority you have in Me.

I wish you could see into the hearts of the downtrodden.

I wish you could see from where they come from.

If you could see this, you would look at them differently and you would be more anxious to be out there ministering to them and bringing them out of the miry clay.

Children, so many souls already in hell crying out in agony because there was no one there to tell them about My Son Jesus and His love for them.

My Son weeps over those lost souls that He died for.

He stands over the lost souls and He weeps because they could have been ministered to if the church would have been about the Father’s business.

Luke 19:41-42 (ETRV)
41 Jesus came near Jerusalem looking at the city, He began to cry for it
42 and said, “I wish you knew today what would bring you peace. but it is hidden from you now.”

Everyday holds brand new blessings for those who have committed all of their ways unto Me the Author and Finisher of their faith.

Every day is a brand-new day in your walk with Me; for each day holds its {own}blessings and each day holds its {unique} blessings.

Tomorrow’s blessings will never be like yesterday’s blessings.

Daughters of Zion hold your heads high; for this is your time to blossom in My Kingdom.

I am going to use My women to do great and mighty exploits for Me.

You shall see miracle after miracle in the ministry that I have placed you in.

Never shortchange yourselves.  Move forward with total and complete confidence that I am in complete control of all that you do.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard what I am about to do with My chosen ones.

You have been faithful with a few and now you are ready to minister to the multitudes.

The hour of resurrection has surely taken you over and old things have passed away and all things are brand new and you shall walk out this newness of life with {total} power and authority from on high.

Your Father sits on His throne and He looks down through the portals of Heaven and He smiles upon you as you go forth in {total faith} knowing that I am in control and I will never leave nor forsake you.

Psalm 33:13-15 (ETRV)
13 The Lord looked down from Heaven and saw all the people.
14 From his high throne He looked down at all the people living on earth.
15 He created every person’s mind, and he knows what each one is doing.

You will have a brand-new confidence that I do hear your prayers and I do see the heart and I will work all things out as I have spoken in days past.

This will be a new beginning like no other beginning. This will be total resurrection power in its highest form and it shall do a complete perfect works for the Father of all lights.

Oh, how you will light up a room when you walk into it.  How you will see the miracle working power at work on all sides and you will walk in the newness of life and you will restore new life wherever the palmer and canker worm have stolen it.

You are {My perfect people} and you are on the move and that movement is not going to stop.  Shout the victory all day every day and send the hordes of hell screaming for safety from your praises.

Victory cries will be heard all across this nation.  The enemy will grow so sick and tired of your voices and he will try to stop this new movement of victory; but he will {not} be able to prevail.

You are a {new breed} that I am sending forth to conquer on all sides and the enemy has no chance with this {new breed of believers} that will march to a different drumbeat.

They will no longer march to the drum beat of this world; because I am bringing {purity} All across this mighty nation and all will know that I am God of this universe and I am in total control of all that is occurring all across this land.

{Shout} children – right now {shout} the loudest {shout} of victory that you can muster up.  {Shout} I say {shout again and again} until all of hades trembles.

This shout has sent the enemy on the run.  He knows that you have grabbed hold of this new found {resurrection power} and he knows he has lost his foothold here in this place and in your lives individually.

{Praise Me} – right now praise Me.

Praise Me just because you can.

Praise Me just because you are My child.

Praise Me because you are victorious and you have sent the enemy running with his tail between his legs.

Do you understand that as you praised Me {all sickness} had to flee?

{All bondage} was broken.

{All mind control} was sent running.

{Everything} that had you bound was broken and shattered – never to bind you up ever again.

The {chains are falling off.}

It surely is hallelujah time in My house this day.

It surely is dancing and stomping time in My house.

It is freedom time in My house.

The hour of resurrection power is in the house.

The hour of rising from dead works is in the house.


{Deafen} the enemy. {Blind} him and {send} him into a cycle of confusion that he will not be able to recover from.


Praise Me for I am good!

My mercy endures forever!