Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

Children it is high time that your character is matching up with Mine. It is high time that you learn of My ways so that you are not caught off guard. It is high time that you not drift when the fighting gets tough.

Get cemented in Me. I assure you revelation is on its way that will free the captives. You may even be one getting this revelation and if you come to Me with clean hands and a pure heart I may just surprise you with what I tell you. Come now little ones. You are little to Me as you are precious and numbered, but you are big and ferocious to the enemy of your souls. Wage the good warfare My soldiers of fortune and claim all of the spoils of war.

Spoils of war: Do you go through warfare and get the breakthrough only to find yourself not seeing the LASTING results?

The warfare takes place and the enemy is sent packing but are you claiming all of the goods? The enemy may claim the unclaimed things if you are not using the angels to sweep the grounds and claim the spoil of war. I am negotiating many contracts with My intercessors and I am using My strong witnesses to pillage the enemy grounds even as we speak.

Not only do I desire that the offensive attacks of the enemy be pillaged but I am wanting Heaven to be on the offensive. As you all move forward in your callings I will be giving you much needed insight in My spirit realm and what there really is to lose and to gain.

Intercessors: I will be giving you better discernment and I will be increasing your burdens so that you will know what really is left to be claimed and you will truly know when your part is done. So many leave things unsaid and leave things unaccomplished.

Intercessors: I have been wooing you all into the deepest pockets of My heart. Now is the time for great visitation and habitation. Do not miss out. Linger in My heart and watch the cares of the world become separated and divided so that you can clearly see what matters and what does not. Selah, My beloveds. Selah.