Christmas time is a time that many families set apart time to come together and show their love one for another. Whether this love is shown by giving a gift or visiting home for the holidays, or even a simple phone call to someone you may not have talked to in a while, the spirit of giving is present.

For some people this may be their first Christmas together, for other’s it could be one of many years. Many traditions are carried out and others are born.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can enjoy your Christmas season in building memories and also a couple ways of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  1. Take the book of Luke which has 24 chapters and read one chapter each day of December until Christmas. Reflect on the life of Jesus and how much He truly does love each and every person.
  2. Make decorating a tree a family activity. You can find many low cost or free ornaments and accessory creation ideas on the internet. Most of these things you can find around the house that you can do with your children and with your spouse that will personalize your tree.
  3. Each day for the month of December do something nice for your spouse. Leave them a love note next to the coffee pot or buy a little gift to show them that you care. You may be surprised on how this could carry out in the New Year.
  4. Pay attention to what your spouse is doing. Text them a scripture that may help them through their day and colorize it in Christmas colors or Christmas image to spread some of that Christmas Cheer.
  5. Plan a Christmas Eve movie night. Put a care package together with some Christmas pjs, a cup, a pack of hot chocolate, a bag of popcorn or any nonperishable snack of your choice and make time to watch a Christmas movie together as family, no matter the size.
  6. Put away the electronics on Christmas Eve as you are spending time together.
  7. Bake a cake for Jesus for His birthday together. Sing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day. Give Jesus a gift for His birthday.
  8. Read the story of the Birth of Jesus as you get ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve night and reflect on how it has truly impacted your life as a family.
  9. Drive around the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights and take this time to enjoy each other’s company.
  10. Even if you are already doing this, make time to pray together for those who may be less fortunate, down, or suffering every day for fifteen minutes together.

May each and every one of you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas that will spark a greater love inside your heart and that your marriage will be filled with the Joy and Love of God this season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.