Prophetic word from the Wednesday evening teaching Jubilee through Rev. Christopher Gore

Now is not the time to miss what I am doing, now is the time to gather yourselves to Me. Gather yourselves together and receive what it is that I Am doing.

The enemy is trying to stop you from receiving your individual Jubilees. Don’t allow him the opportunity to steal that which I have longed to give to you.

I have so many gifts that I have wanted to lay at your feet so that you could know that I Am with you and that I Am for you but you will not keep your minds stayed upon Me. You will not stay with Me long enough to receive My pardons.

Many of you have besetting sins that if you would just come to Me, I would grant the pardons that you have need of but you are wise in your own eyes.

You are not all knowing, you are not all-seeing as I Am and you walk a half-hearted walk with Me. Come out of this place, come out of this mindset and be free. Be free in Me. Be free to receive your Jubilee.

What I have spoken is coming to pass. I have ordained it. Be believing. Do not be unbelieving. Do no harden your hearts but soften them before Me the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I am your Waymaker. I am your source and I will bring life to you. I promise and I do not lie.