Prophetic word from the Sunday evening teaching New Horizons

I have started a journey with you to new horizons and in this dispensation of time you shall go a way that you have never been before. This is the reason that I have been telling you not to look back from whence you came. This is a new dispensation of time and a brand-new season. Do not get stuck in {this is really neat; I don’t want to leave this place of security}; for the new horizons that lie before you are far greater than the old. Newness of life lies in the new horizons. Blessing after blessing will abound.

In this new horizon lies the second return of My Son Jesus. You My Beloved ones are preparing the way for Him to come and gather His people to Himself. You are the ones that will carry the torch to the end of the race and you are the ones that will understand all mysteries that have been buried away for such a time as this.

I have been speaking for decades now of this end time event. I have continually spoken to all of My children and encouraged them not to lose heart or their faith in what I have spoken over them.

You are the most important instrument in this event; for it is through you that I will carry out My total and complete will.

Others have desired to see this time; but they have come on home with Me and they are watching this event unfold from the portals of Heaven.

Do you desire to understand all mysteries? Then keep on the path that I have laid out before your feet and do not stumble nor fall.

Hope for the future is looming before you and all of Heaven is rejoicing; for such a time as this has never occurred before.