Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

How many of you have really set down with Me lately; I mean really made time for Me to state My case to you? Some of you: it is already too late.

Others surely are in need of what I have to say. Children now is the time if there ever was a time to hear the hard truths that need to come your way.

Don’t wait another second. There are pending ATTENTION messages that you must read before it is too late. I am in dire need of My Body to be working as one. If you are holding ought and if you are not ready to truly want what is best for your brother or sister then you are asking Me to allow cancer to remain in My Body. I won’t do this. I will not allow the flesh eating bacteria to remain in My Body. You best get really serious really quick with Me and sit down and listen before it’s too late.

Do not ever back bite against My body. If you are not viewing your brother and sister as ones made in My image- you have the image problem and you are more like the devil than Me.