Prophecy through Rev Aaron Betz

At all cost. Children at all you cost you must run with the orders that I have given you. If reassignment is coming be ready for these orders but all others know that at this moment the enemy is coming with his last chance of disqualification.

Some of you have been in a state of torment so outside your mind and so outside of your selves that you are now finding it hard to separate the old you from the new you that I am bringing you into. You must at all cost deny the devil. You must at all cost destroy the lies of disqualification. Live like you are the redeemed.

Those of you who have been in spots of clarity I am holding a stricter judgment on because the deception was not in you to torment and buffet you into constant submission. I love you all- you are all my Beloved ones. Don’t think that I play favorites but I must play with the hands that you deal Me for your good and My glory and most importantly for the lost and dying.