Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

No turning back.

To My chosen ones; to the ones of whom I have told, “Keep going. Don’t look back. You are going to make it. You’ve got this thing.”

I will leave no stone unturned as long as you leave no stone unturned. I will see to it that the victory which has been enhanced by the new on the scene Angelic Host is yes and amen.

But you My chosen, you must live in this yes and amen. Meaning: Stay in My presence at all times. Stay in tune to what I’m saying and aware of all of your promises. Re-listen to My words I have spoken. Engage with them in surety of heart. Know that you know that the One who holds all of the keys has granted you full access to these promises and contend.

Contend with Me by simply moving forward and showing Me your faith by being a doer of My Rhema Word. As you do this (this act of obedient faith) the angels will be loosed simply by your action of faith. I have chosen you My people. Now you choose to love, believe, and rejoice.