Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

There is not one thing that I am withholding from My Beloveds at this given time. Are you being trespassed against? Is the enemy coming after you- tooth and nail? Well, good. This is showing that you are close to something.

Do not let the visitations that I am bringing miss you. This is why you are being fought. Children don’t you realize that the visitation I have coming for each of you will totally blow your minds? It will totally seal you in the Beloved for good because you will see how real that I AM.

I tell you eye has not seen nor ear heard what I am about to do and how I will show Myself. I am a God of mysteries because I am first a God of Truth. The middleman of truth and mystery is revelation and I am bringing My revelation upon the scene to totally instill the truest sense of shock and awe.

Many will be running to and fro but if you have Me in you, you will not be one of those. You will understand that though the earth quakes and the fires rage, I am the God of Peace who rests deep in you.

Do not miss this visitation because in this visitation is the ultimate preservation (of knowing that you know that you are a child of the Most High God).