It is time that we women who carry a role as wife and/or mother need to learn to shut our mouths to our husbands and open our mouths in prayer.

Homes all across this land are falling apart. Many ideas from society feed the mentality of doing things for self and is very narrow minded upon “your life”. There is no “my” life separate from your family. Your life as a Christian woman belongs to God first and foremost. If you are a woman that is married, you share that life with your husband. According to the Word of God, you become his servant as well as for your children.

The world has twisted the minds of women and have fed them lies of being unequal if you stay home to take care of the family or allow the husband to be the head of the house. If you were made to do what he was created to do, then what was a wife was designed for?

You have a voice. Why not use that voice to build up the Kingdom of God and destroy the enemy’s camp?

Women, we need to take our place where God has put us and take care of our homes, whether that be a homemaker or working in a secular job but still doing the duties God called us forth to do.

Read Proverbs 32. Many women skip this part of the Bible because it is hard for them to swallow. It goes against everything that society says a woman should or should not do. When did the Bible ever say to abandon this role to take on a role of self?

Our homes are falling apart. Our children are running. Our men are falling because we are not holding them up before God. We are not supporting our husbands, but instead we try to “show” how much we can do or not do without them. This is not an independent battle. When you do not hold up your husband in prayer and allow him to take his rightful place, you are not covered properly.

Come on women, your inner spirit man knows that this is the truth and the conviction burns. Don’t fight the conviction but instead embrace the burn and allow the change to take place.

Close your ears to the enemy and open your hearts to God. God will tell you when to speak and when to keep your mouth shut, but you must be listening.

The phrase “What about me?” should be far from our lips. The Truth is if we would love properly we would instead ask, “What more can I do to help the plans God has for their lives?” or “Where can I be a help to my family?”

Some women would moan and groan about wanting their down time, but the truth is the only downtime you should have is to climb in the arms of God to receive rest and strength. Too many times women are spending that time on their phones, in a romance novel, or watching some TV show fantasizing or judging their lives based on what they see or read, seeing all the things they want but don’t have.

Wake up women! It is time to see where the enemy has access to doors that have been made available to him by our own selfishness of wanting our own life. You do not use sex for punishment. Sex can be used as a weapon against the enemy. God made sex beautiful between a husband and wife. It is a way to keep the cord that binds you both together as one strong and connected.

Come on women, it is time to get real. It is time for a complete mind overhaul from all that the world has fed us. Focus on what the Word of God says about our husbands and proclaim, declare, decree, and pray their prophetic words over them. If he doesn’t have any, ask God to give you a Word to use in your prayer closet from God for your husband. It is our responsibility to help pray what has been written about them in Heaven down to this earth.

Women, it is time to shut the doors of the enemy and shut our mouths of destruction towards our husbands and take it out on the devil and his demons. Step up and use your mouth as a weapon of warfare.

I ask you a question, where in the Bible does it say to challenge, rebuke, or override your husband? Think upon this the next time a situation rears its head up. Take it to the prayer closet.

If you have a problem that you need to discuss with your husband, don’t do it in the heat of battle. Don’t do it out of anger. Give a cool down time. It could be 5 minutes. It could be 2 days.

Let go of your husband. Let go of your life. Release it and your husband to God and allow your voice to be a voice of love and not destruction. Learn to shut your mouth and watch how your whole life will take on a new meaning.

It is not up to you to change your husband but it is up to you to take the role God has given you and to surrender your tongue to God and watch how much life will change.