Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

There is a time coming when you are going to wish that you allowed Me to make all the changes that I need to. It all comes with surrender. From the littlest to the biggest. I am not coming to throw the book at you children, but I am coming to warn. Don’t think that I cannot replace anyone.

I desire to use My people. I desire to use you for what I created you to do, but many of you are already carrying mantles upon mantles. Meaning: Someone lost out and it got passed down to you because I need these things walked out and I need My people set free and changed.

I work through vessels and I arm and equip those vessels with mantles. Do not be one that is lost along the wayside. If something in your life seems daunting and you know I am using it to refine you, let it run it’s course. You will be well pleased if you could only see what I am doing and that you are paying a necessary price for the freedom of others.

If you don’t want to pay the price, I will find someone who will.

Count the cost: Count the cost for your own freedom and count the cost for others. Count the cost for you missing out and count the cost to be counted worthy.