Church – Hear the Words that I have to say and heed them. I am vindicating My Church and all will see My Love for this Church. All will see the Love I have for My Anointed One who has paid the ultimate price to see My Will be done.

I have and still will be testing each one. Every mother, father, and child. Every man and woman – boy and girl. Will you stand the test of faithfulness, loyalty, and love? Will you stand when others would fall or take cover? Or will you fight and stand for My Church that I have built and that I have opened?

Persecution has come and gone and come again. Storm after storm has hit and the winds and hail have done their dues. Those that became the Church will stand. Those who did not shall stand back and watch the vindication take place. All will know She is Mine and I am Hers. Nothing will stand in the Way.

The Son is shining bright and now is the time for the Great Awakening of My Glory. Oh now watch Her shine.