Marriages nowadays are getting harder and harder to find that are standing the test of time. Pornography is on the rise both with men and women and it has caused a huge burden on the marriage and has perverted what God created as beautiful.

Pornography, lust, sexual fantasy, and everything in between keeps the individual longing to have something that is impossible to find in this earthly realm. A soul mate, a partner, someone who will be perfect and satisfy every desire that you could possibly have. This is not reality. This is a phantom belief that the enemy uses to cause a man or woman to fall into temptation and then sink his chains upon them.

Even in the Bible there were many acts where men and women gave into their lustful desires and it caused great heartache, extreme down falls, and even death to those who were innocent to the act. These were placed in the Bible to give us an example of what will happen if we were to give into these temptations and sin. Satan can only offer us sin and for some reason a belief of “the exception” seems to be a big weight in not resisting the bait.

Just what has happened in the Bible days of those who raped, committed adultery, or pursued a mate that was not theirs suffered severe consequences, hurt, wounds, and even death came from the sin. The same thing happens to the individuals who give into these acts now. Marriages die. A person loses their identity, self-worth, and destroys the lives around them. Not to mention what takes place with their brains.

I know this is a little harsh and a deep subject but the world is not hiding its approval of what they see as okay for sex and what they believe it is for. They promote sexual acts that are not Godly and go against the Word of God and on top of that teaches it in the schools to the children, expecting you to not come against them. The church has far too long allowed the blinders to stay on in the name of peace and believe praying will help it go away. But in fact, we are to do something about it and folks, it begins in the home.

First a deep look at yourself as a husband or wife. What is your view on sex and what is good and bad about it? What is your expectations and how does it line up to the Word of God? Are you looking or fantasizing about something or someone other than your spouse? Does your head turn when a pretty girl or good looking guy passes by you? These are things that are indicators that there may be a strand inside of you that the enemy could use to keep even a splinter of separation between you and your spouse that can be a bigger issue if it is not dealt with.

Another look you will want to take is a look at what is your spouse’s opinion on sex? How does it compare to yours? Could there be a deep wound or a false desire there that would turn them away from having or enjoying a Godly sexual encounter with you? How are you praying for that spouse and are you supporting the good and not participating in the bad? These are more questions that only you can answer for yourself. These are questions that you are not going to want to ignore. Instead allow the Holy Spirit to give you the answers so that you can let God begin to strengthen your marriage. Doing so will bring it to be a testimony to those around you because believe me they are watching. Are you reflecting a Godly, loving marriage or are you dabbling in the sexual bondage of the world?

The world needs us to be a light to it as a reflection of Jesus. This means even in our marriages. We tend to look at ourselves or just at our spouse and deal with the bondage in the individual but freedom needs to take place in the marriage as well. That is how healing begins. You have to come out of the same belief of the world which is searching for a satisfaction that is not real and leads down a road of destruction.

It is time that the Body of Christ stops mirroring the worldly marriages of the pornography use, the sexual fantasies of romance novels, soap operas, reality TV, and movies that encourages sexual bondage as pleasure and mirror the love of Jesus Christ.

There is no shame in getting help if you have fallen into the traps of sexual perversion, sexual fantasy, or having sexual, intimate problems in your marriage. It is better to reach out and get help, healing, and deliverance so that you can enjoy the union of marriage as God intended it to be.

As you allow God to bring your marriage to this place and you do your part, you become a testimony to the generation that is being built up and gives them a hope that they too can have what God gifted them with from the beginning. It has to start somewhere, why not you?

There is so much more to this subject, but the point of this article is to get you to reflect on your marriage to see if perversion, fantasy, or lust has crept into your marriage and are you willing to allow God to bring healing and strength and be a light to the darkness of the world. If you feel you need a deliverance in this area, please reach out and know that with God all things are possible.

For even more help in this area we suggest looking into the Conquer Series 1 and 2. It will open your eyes to great revelation that God has provided for His people in a time such as this.