Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

It is time to get nasty against that enemy. It is time to tear down all of these walls. All of these unchallenged walls of division; of division between the soul, body and, spirit connection. If the enemy has you divided in any of these three things, he has division in you. If he has a schism in your body it comes from a wound or entry point in the soul. If I am not allowing something because of My Sovereignty – then he is involved.

My Word and My Blood show wholeness. Complete restoration. Anything that is not completely restored either is earmarked for My Kingdom purpose of My Sovereign will or a consequence being implemented and fulfilled.

Anything else that is not signed off by Me is a clear indication that the enemy is afoot. You all have grown so accustomed to being ill, being sick, being dead. But now, the price has been paid for the disobedience and now all signs , wonders , and miracles are coming and every soul, body, and spirit will be rejuvenated saith The Lord.