Prophetic word through Rev. Brett Connell from the Wednesday evening teaching The Great Falling Away

The reprobates are on the scene and the great transition is taking place within My body. Do not look at the outer appearance, but allow Me to show you the hearts of the people. I have said the first will be last and the last will be first. Continue to walk in My agape love and do not judge another; but keep your eyes fixed upon Me and the assignments that I have given you in this hour.

Where are you My children? I weep for those who are slipping away into eternal darkness in this hour. Let Me ask you this: you yourself were spared in your hour of need – and someone was there for you to pull you out of your mess… then why are you not at your post for those I have sent to you?

Do you not realize it was another’s obedience that allowed your freedom? Do you not understand that it was another’s prayer that gave you another chance in My Kingdom?

I look for a man to stand in the gap and I can find none. I now look for a man – just a man – and I still seek.

Arise – shake the dust off yourself and free yourself – for I have done all that I can do, and you must determine in your heart to move forward into this over-ripe harvest field. Yield yourself to Me and just trust Me and move forward in Me in total surrender.