Where in My Word does it say to fear? The only fear that anyone should have is to fear Me and what I could do should My Wrath be stirred.

This fear is a respect fear. Respect is lacking in My House, in the homes of My children, and in the vessels of those who claim to be Mine, but is only about their own intentions.

I am lifting the skirts and drawing out those who will not yield their wills and serve Me. I am not a God of compromise. I am not a God to sit back and let sin rule and reign. I have drawn the line in the sand and those who will yield all shall see the goodness of My Hand.

Those who will not yield shall walk under the curse of disobedience and of rebellion. Spiritual death is lurking around trying to see who he can lure into his clutches. Be aware of the enemy and he is prowling at this time, seeking for more to take out of My Hand.

Put and keep your eyes upon Me and do not let the enemy intimidate you. Use the authority I have given you and do not allow him to back you up in a corner anymore.

Rise up, Children of Zion. There is a works to be done.

I am cleaning up the messes in My house. I will have order and My house will be a house of peace. Do not get on the wrong side of My rod. Do not follow the status quo.

Make your own decision today follow and watch and see all that we will do together.