Raging Fire is about to engulf My church. Those who are not about My business and are the chaff shall be burned and removed. There is too much at stake and time is very crucial to continue to hold back My fire anymore.

I have warned this day would come. Judgment has already begun on My church and consequences will be served. Either you got serious about your walk with Me and true to your word and commitment or you shrugged off My warning.

Those who did not take Me serious will now suffer the consequences. They will witness the great move of My Mighty Hand but will not be able to participate. There will be a great crying out. Unfortunately it is too late.

Those who have gotten serious and about My business will see that it is time to open the arms and embrace the souls that I am bringing in.

Do not waste your time crying over spilled milk. They have had their chance. I pleaded and wooed. I corrected and gave every opportunity. Shake the dust off your feet and move on. There is too much work that needs to be done.

I have shed many tears but still they would not yield their hearts. I will not come back this way again. They have broken too many promises to Me. They have not kept to their commitment. They missed the door and now they will see that I was not kidding and that this day is now upon them.

Keep your eyes upon Me and do not get pulled in to their mess and devices. Do not let them drag you to the outer parts but stay very close to Me and know that all shall work out exactly as I said.

There are souls that need to be saved. They need a chance. Go and spread My love. Go and tell them the good news. Give them My hope and see that all is not lost and there are so much more souls to gain. Do not waste any more time. But go forward and do the works of My kingdom.