Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz

Children, all that has been broken, tattered, and torn I am bringing Resurrection Power to. All of these old things have no use in the new thing I am doing- so I am undoing them. Do not be perplexed at this time and think that you are losing your mind. You are being shaken of all old things and you are being made whole and new. I had to bring you down certain obstacle courses to bring things to your attention.

I have been showing you where you are at and where you are not. Don’t worry your little heads about tomorrow. Let tears flow in order to be cleansed. Don’t sorrow for your past but be healed. This is the move on time and the move on up time. I am taking things over more and more. My Hand has sometimes been hard to see in your lives, but now you will see My Mighty Hand.

It is speed up and ship out time and I have put My shipments out into the hands of My angelic couriers. Ask and receive this time so that you can get your hand on the package I have for you. Don’t wait.