Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Spring time little ones – and it is time for everything that has been stored up ‘lo these many years to come out out to be cleaned or thrown in the furnace altogether.

I am totally remaking your identities and I am totally taking out all of the old and nasty things. Restoration is coming and is truly available at My Table for you. Do not let this season pass you by. Come to the table; dine with Me and vent out all of the old things you have collected.

Is there viciousness in you? Let it out. Is there fear in you? Let it out. If you are paying attention you will see that I have already applied My Anointing inside of you to bring these things up. You may have been agitated and adulterous lately- why is this?

Because I have brought it to the top to show you. The idols are being made clear to see and all toxic emotions and every un-kept thing in you is coming to the forefront. And little ones, I am not judging one bit.

I am The Father that heals and you need to be honest to get this healing or else it will stay in you.