Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Who do they say that you are? My Children? Well no- they don’t say that yet because they don’t know that yet. You all have been in training; in my boot camp. Even the leaders have been stuck repeating grades with you all because you did not pass the exams. But alas, a new day does dawn and I am coming with fire in My eyes and with My Spirit Wings to deliver you all where you need to be. Heaven’s arsenals are overflowing with extravagant riches and all that you will need to rob the darkness poor.

I do not want one of you to go without. Fill those closed off and barren parts of your soul with the Truth of My Word and when you are full – then will more be given to you. This is the time that those who have been unfaithful will go without but those who have been faithful to the call- who have pursued Me and stood pat with My orders- will now come forth bearing gifts to give out to the lost and dying and a new pursuit of Heaven will become real. The fight it rages and it will rage but what is coming to you My Children will lift you up above the battlefield so that you can conquer from above: where there are no sides. Only a vantage point that sees all that I will show and in this vantage point you will conquer.