Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

People there is a Truth coming upon the scene. It’s not for the hucksters. This is not for the ones that want to be seen but only for the ones that burn with My Light in them. The light that says “More Father.”

You knowing Me and knowing that I am He who spoke all things into being is what seals you in Trust; in Faith. Knowing that I hold all the cards and I made all the cards.

Children cry out to Me for this knowing that you know that I am He that spoke all things into being and I will show up and grant you visitation. Many visitations are coming but this simple one is just going to seal you with the knowing of who your Maker is and it will define you. When I define you , you will not desire your own definitions or the definitions of others.

I am the one stop shop, My People, and I am the all in all. I am so many things and I am everything that any of you could ever hope for. Trust Me as He who made the wind that destroys and He who made the wind that moves the smallest piece of pollen from flower to seed.