Sunday Morning Service Prophetic Word from the sermon “Journey Beyond”.

I so desire to take My children on a journey beyond what they have ever experienced. This journey will take them to unknown places and experience unknown things. On this journey many aspects of Heaven will be revealed to those who are extremely desirous to learn more of Heavenly places.

On this journey, you will experience what it is like to walk in the supernatural continually as My Son Jesus did. There will be no question whatsoever that you are truly living a supernatural lifestyle that will not subside. My children have been so content to live beneath what I have called them into.

Yes, this is surely a different disposition of time and some will not want to go there and some will not believe, but I am calling those who want to go places nobody has gone to before. This will be a total submission to all that I call you forth to do. There will be no second guessing or questions asked. It is a total faith experience and you shall surely experience many things you have not encountered before.

This journey will take you to the very core of My being and you shall speak mysteries to My peoples. You see this is a new disposition of time and this is a completely new group of souls that you will be ministering to. The old ways will not work, there are newer and different ways we will be operating in. This is why I told you that I could not use your old wine skins. Your wine skins have to be brand new so they will not explode with all the mysterious journeys we were going to be going on.

Times and seasons change continually nothing stands still progress is always just that, progress and you must be ready to move with the cloud by day and by the fire by night as the Israelite children did. Surely, I tell you that nothing on this earth is going to be the same and if you allow Me to. I will take you beyond what is transpiring today and show you the future and My plans for the future. Children, you must be aware that when I lead, I don’t lead as you would expect me to, for I know what the future holds and you do not. I know every twist and turn that is going to be taking place on this journey beyond.

Always remember I wrote the book, I created this world and all that pertains to it. So I know how to lead you on this journey beyond. On this journey, I will take some of you into the business arena and I will show you things that have never been accomplished before. I will also give you ways to heal My peoples with My natural ingredients that I have paced upon this earth. So many things are going to be taking place and I need those who have a flare for adventure and are not afraid to take that leap of faith. You will hear Me say many times this is the way walk ye in it.

Isaiah 30:21 (KJV)
And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

There will be times you will want to go one way because that is the familiar way; but I will not allow you to go that way, because that way will no longer work. You see why I am calling those that have an adventurous spirit? You will need that kind of spirit if you are going to go on the journey beyond what you are used to. John the Baptist came and led my people on a new journey, they called him a wild man because he lived in the forest eating nothing but honey and locust and taught repentance, then My Son Jesus came along and led them further on that journey beyond what they had ever heard before.

Now it is your turn to take My people on the journey beyond what they are used to, but before you can lead others, you, yourself must go on the journey beyond with Me.

Will you pace all your inhibitions at my feet and just blindly follow you Father into this unknown journey beyond?
These things that you will accomplish on this journey beyond you have never heard of before, but all will know that I sent you and all will know that have spent time in My Presence. The supernatural will flow continually where ever you go and the enemy will continually bow his knee to My servants that carry this anointing.

Are you going to be one that carries this special anointing? Are you going to be the one that will stand before the enemy and he will scream for mercy? Are you going to be the one that forsakes all and just follows Me? Then you shall surely go on this journey beyond your wildest dreams.

You shall accomplish everything My Word tells you that you can accomplish. You will be a forerunner into this new journey beyond and you will pace the way for others to follow. That is why you have to be adventurous, totally submissive and extremely desirous of Heavenly places.