Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Commiserate. Commiserate with Me Children. Reflect with Me. Where have I taken you out of? And where are we going? Go ahead and give it some thought because soon and very VERY soon all things are going to change and you will not have time to think about this. It’s going to be so new. We are going to break all the rules put up by religion. I am refinancing My chosen ones. I’m talking check books and I am talking material goods because I need you all to be at your post and then to have your supply. I will supply all of your needs and I will prove Myself faithful to you whom have proved yourselves faithful. I am so excited and sincere in this moment to bless. Let us do this together.

You come and you trust and I will show you and then give you a blessing that will utterly blow you away and astound all around about you. Haters gonna hate Children, but don’t let that jealousy be a bad thing. I’m going to turn that hate into love as they figure out that the blessings are there for them (the world) as well.

Commiserate – to express or feel sorrow or compassion , to express sympathy to one who is unhappy about something