Prophecy by Sis Elizabeth Cassutto.

“Tell them that Israel is their home too…  It is where all the tribes will meet, where the King will reign, where they will rule with Me, where “My family is”  that I have waited a long time to come back to…

Everything began there, and it will all end there.  Israel is still the apple of My eye, and I pay close attention to who hurts or blesses that land and her people.

I long to reveal Myself to – protect and care for, My people.  My heart is there.  As they bless Israel, I will bless them. As they love my people, I will do wonders for them.

Pray they have a vision and a passion to pray for her, and her people, that they come to know Me, as they do, as Messiah, Lord and friend and bridegroom.

Thank you for loving My family.  Your callings and destinies and lives, My children, were born from the seeds of her from Abraham to the gospels.  The blood of the prophets and the faith of the patriarchs brought you here today.

“Cherish your destiny”.   I love you – Yeshua, the Soon Coming King Of Israel.”