Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Children, what rope have I tied around your neck that causes you to view Me as a stiff task master? I am the one that frees the bound and raises the dead. I am not one who hangs My people with nooses. This is the devil- and he desires that you hang your own neck with his noose. He is culling out My people. This is not something that I gave him to do, but I will be using him to re-position my final ranks.

I have given you every weapon that you would ever need. They are all on the table and they are ready for full use. This time of reprieve is still among you so that you are not engaging the enemy with your mouths alone but with My angels, but soon that new anointing will hit and you will be used with glory pouring from your mouths. This is happening and this is upon you- be prepared to deal with what is about to hit. But, My people you will not deal with it, but overcome it as you are up in the heavenlies with Me.

Many of you need perspective changes at this time and they will be coming swiftly so that you view things with the eyes of an eagle and not the dullness of man.

Psalm 71:8 [NKJV] Let my mouth be filled with Your praise andwith Your glory all the day.