Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz.

Children, from whence does your salvation come from? And how long does it land?

I came to conquer for you- and I did! Don’t you know Me? I Am the Conqueror- it is intrinsic of My personality. I came here to conquer and to destroy the devil and every trap that he sets before you. I destroy with wisdom and I destroy by My Might- and both are yours. My Wisdom will seek out all that the enemy tries to put before you and My Might will destroy as you come upon it. Use these to win on all sides and see the salvation of The Lord in your life. Once and for all walk in this and your path will remain strictly fortified by My promise.

The sprit of Truth came to remind you and to bring to you the Truth daily- step by step, breadth by breadth, in the measure that I have apportioned for you to walk in. Are you walking in all I have for you? Come. Come and sup with Me and I will restore to you this depth-walk that is rightfully yours.