How many of you will come to My feet and listen to My voice to receive instructions on what I have for you?

How many of you are only allowing My Words to be temporary spurts?

I do not want you to walk in temporary hype. I do not bring you hype, but the Truth. The truth is I want you to get excited. I want you to stay excited and full of My love and joy as this year begins to unfold.

This is a new day and a new year. This is the time and season to get things done. Do not waste not one minute. The time is short and there is so much to be accomplished in this time.

Do not go throughout your day ever doubting that I am there. My children, I am with you at all times and in every way. I anticipate listening to your voice and all that you have to say.

Do not let the time pass you by but enter into what I have for you. This is go time My children. It is time to move forward and walk right into the now.

Expect every day to receive. Expect every day to be in My presence. Expect every day that I will move on your behalf. Even with the troubled times that will be and are coming, expect Me to move.

Your promises are here little ones. Now is the time to walk in them. Let go of all rebellion and lethargy and let’s get to work and see what is really in store for you and My kingdom. The souls are waiting. The promises are waiting. Let’s bring them in.