A broken heart, shattered – to gather all the pieces, so full of pain it seems like it will not mend
Like a knotted up string, the ongoing search for the missing end
So many tears and quiet thoughts as you see the actions that just will not relent
The stabbing and selfishness and wills that no matter how hard they try they remain unbent

Continuous love and unexplainable peace keeps eyes that are watching oblivious to see
The wounds and struggles; the battles and raging seas
On man you cannot entrust a heart like this to;

Jesus Christ is the only one who can make this heart new
An impossible task for Him – that it will not be
For there will be healing and restoration – redeemed and free

The hope of the world cannot touch or begin to mend the broken heart
It is only in Christ’s love that already knows the ending from the start
In Him are the answers, that is the truth
Whether the questions are from now or when you were a youth

To begin the healing you must let go and relieve
Do not hold back but only in Him believe
He is the way the Truth and the life and His Words will heal the pain
Run into His arms and you will never be the same.

The pain you once felt like a knife, a deep and open wound
Depression and anxiety – you are no longer in doom
Jesus will set you free and blessings are yours to have
And you can share the hope that it is never that bad

Jesus has the time and the love to give to all
He is my savior, my love, and the one who answers every call
He has done this for me and he wants to do it for you
Let go of the wheel of pain, heartache, and the checklist of things that you would like to do

Let Jesus have the wheel and relax in His love
There is nothing better than love from God, the Father from Above
Even though it may seem hard to let go of the reigns
It is worth all the aches, the bruises, and all the pains

Living begins when Jesus Christ enters into your heart
No matter the conditions, He will give you a brand new start
You will see it is worth it all
To be picked up, dusted off, even when we fall.